Protecting Yourself From Pharmacy Errors

When you go to the pharmacy to get medicine, you can reasonably expect the medication to heal you and help you get over your illness. However, studies are now bringing to light the high number of mistakes that are made by pharmacies. In fact, one study showed that for pharmacies that handle 250 daily, four mistakes are made each day.There are several different types of pharmacy errors that can be made. First, sometimes your prescription can be completely switched with another whose medicine looks like yours. Also, some drugs come to the pharmacy in a high dose, and pharmacists must dilute these medications before they give them to you. In some cases, pharmacists may forget to lessen the strength of the medicine, giving you a dosage that is much too strong. Additionally, if the pharmacist does not monitor the side effects, it can result in serious health issues for you. Lastly, some medications can have adverse reactions with others, so if a pharmacist does not double-check your current prescriptions, it can harm you.To protect yourself from pharmacy errors, there are some things that you can do to double-check the work of the pharmacists. First, when your doctor prescribes you a medicine, make sure you know what the medication is. You can write this down plus any administration information that the doctor gives you. Once you pick up the medication from the pharmacy, make sure the name on the label matches the name of the medicine that the doctor told you he or she prescribed for you.Next, if you are getting a drug for the first time, you can look up pictures of the pill online. Once you pick up the prescription, you can see if the pills given you match the picture online. However, keep in mind that some medicines may look different since pharmacists may choose to give you generic drugs rather than the brand-name medication.Lastly, if you are getting a refill, take a look at the medicine before you take it. It should perfectly match your last bottle of pills. Besides the color and shape, also take a look at the imprint on both sides of the pill, which differentiates between medicines with the same size, shape, and color.Although many pharmaceutical mistakes do not result in any health issues, it can cause severe harm or even death when a serious medication is wrongly given to someone. If you have been injured by a pharmaceutical error, you should consult a medical malpractice attorney about your rights. For more information, check out the medical malpractice lawyers from Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C., today.

Fresh Ideas on a Healthy Lifestyle for You and Your Family

Wish to live a long and lead healthy lifestyle? Then it’s time to do something about your habits and about the way you live. Let’s take a look at a few practical, fresh and useful tips on healthy lifestyle for you and for your family.It’s all about planning, instead of dreaming.There is a big buzz in the society about healthy lifestyle. It is fashionable and trendy. So, many people dream about how they would start a new and healthier life. Dreams are good, but they won’t do you much good in regards to a healthy lifestyle, unless you start planning things.Shifting to a healthy lifestyle for the entire family is even harder. It does take tons of practicality and planning. So, where do you start? You start by discovering your unhealthy habits and doing some practical planning to change them. This may include meal planning, grocery shopping planning, eat out planning, etc.One of the things you can do to significantly improve your lifestyle is to change your diet. And one of the key things to do here is to start cooking more meals at home. Yes, it can be hard and troublesome. But the fact is that you get full control over your eating habits, if you cook at home and plan your meals and your grocery shopping.First of all, you can start by throwing away your fryer or at least but cutting down the amount of food you cook in it. Foods cooked in oil are not healthy. So, you should plan your meals ahead of time to avoid getting tempted to cook something fast in your fryer.This also means getting in control of your grocery shopping. Avoid ready made foods or half made foods. Put together your shopping list way before you go shopping. Put whole grains, fresh veggies and meats or fish instead of ready made foods, snacks, chips and other junk food. Most ready made snacks are very unhealthy. Plan your shopping so that you can substitute them with healthy lifestyle alternatives, such as nuts, seeds, veggies or whole grain breads or cookies.Once you learn to shop healthy, then you can more easily shift to a healthy lifestyle.And, you would get more control over your eating habits. If your home is stuffed only with healthy foods, then no matter how much you crave for the unhealthy ones, you just would not have much choice.So, as you may see, you gain much more control, if you plan your cooking and your food shopping. The next one of the healthy lifestyle tips is to learn planning your nights out dining. Start by looking up healthy foods restaurants in your neighborhood. Check out their special offers, discounts and other things to benefit from. Then start planning your nights out or your eating out in those restaurants.This would help you to gain more control over your healthy lifestyle eating even when you eat out of your home.Hopefully, these easy and practical tips on healthy lifestyle and planning would help you to start changing your habits towards healthier and happier living.

Looking To Buy A Gas Station? SBA Or Conventional Financing?

You’ve found some gas stations for sale and now you need financing. Many misconceptions exist about which is better for financing, SBA or conventional financing. Many people are under the misconception that SBA is somehow sub-standard financing or is expensive financing. Many people also assume that conventional loans are cheaper than a government backed business loan.The good thing is that your calculator never lies. You can always figure out which one is the best by using cost of funds and return on investment calculations.Conventional financing for gas stations and convenience stores frequently offers the advantage of an interest rate that is typically a little lower than SBA rates and normally the speed of approval and closing is usually a little quicker than that of SBA financing. There is also normally a little less paperwork involved in the process. With conventional financing, most of the time a borrower will approach a local or regional bank and the borrower will many times establish a depository relationship with the bank.The disadvantages of conventional financing are that you normally can not finance working capital, inventory and frequently you can not finance the good will. The amortization periods are usually shorter also. These notes are normally due in five to ten years. This means at the end of the note you will need to refinance.Again, your calculator will not lie to you.SBA financing usually will do a higher loan to value (LTV) than conventional financing and frequently with SBA you can finance good will or business value where many conventional lenders will only finance the actual real estate and machinery/equipment value.The disadvantages of SBA financing are the guarantee fee that you will be required to pay (which normally is 3.5% of the guaranteed portion of the loan, which is typically 75%) and it also can take longer for approval, but this typically is with banks and lenders that do not have a Preferred Lender status (PLP) but have to submit their transactions through local district offices. The interest rate you will pay will typically be higher than conventional financing.Other options are available. Stated Income financing is frequently available for this asset class, but the Loan To Values (LTV) are typically lower. You normally can not do larger loans (greater than $1,000,000)also. Most stated incomes program advertise that they will do 65% financing, but in reality it is closer to 55% because they do not lend against good will and frequently will only lend a portion against machinery and equipment. It is typically faster with minimal paperwork compared to something fully underwritten, but you also will pay at least a few points higher in rates and fees to obtain this type of financing.Private financing is also available for gas stations and convenience stores. Advantages are speed and minimal paperwork. Disadvantages are significantly higher rates, fees and lower LTV’s (typically 50-60% max).What is best for you all depends on your hot button. If all you are looking at is rate, conventional may be the best deal, assuming you have a bank or lender that will do it conventionally. If you are looking at minimal out of pocket, SBA is probably your best bet. Cost of funds can go down if the Loan To Value is higher. The return on your investment also goes up if you are spending less money out of pocket. If payment is your hot button, you’ll have to evaluate both options to see which is best for you. Conventional financing usually will have a shorter amortization period than SBA and frequently will have a higher payment. If the pre-payment penalty is the most important, SBA may or may not be the best option for you. SBA has a three year pre-payment penalty, 1st year 5%, 2nd year 3% and 3rd year 1%. Conventional pre-payment penalties will vary from bank to bank and lender to lender. Also look to see if the conventional loan is assumable as it may be easier to sell a site if the loan is assumable. Most SBA loans are assumable if there is a qualified borrower. If speed is your hot button, stated income or private financing is the way to go, but you probably will have a significantly lower LTV and will pay higher fees.If you haven’t figured it out by now, you can’t have it all, i.e. rate, fees, term, speed, pre-payment penalty. You can though most likely obtain a good loan if you are a qualified buyer. In all cases, presentation goes a long way to obtaining the best possible loan.

Taking a Photography Online Course – 5 Things to Look For in a Photography Online Course

If you’re thinking of taking a photography online course, there are 5 things you should make sure the photography course offers. These tips are for the beginner photographer but some of them will apply to advanced photographers as well.1. Make sure the photography online course deals with SLR (single lens reflex) or DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras and not just your average point and shoot. Why? Because SLR/DSLR cameras are the standard in professional photography and allow you extreme versatility in taking photos. (Those little point and shoot cameras are just not made for professional photography.)2. The course should teach both the technical and artistic aspects of photography. The technical part of the camera includes apertures, shutter speeds, lens types, flash, etc. The artistic side includes composition, lighting, color, and depth of field. This will give you a well rounded understanding of not just how to use a D/SLR camera, but how to take beautiful and professional looking photographs.3. The photography online course should have someone available to give you constructive critiques of your work. This could be the teacher or other students in the photography course. It really helps to have trained eyes giving you critiques and suggestions for getting better photographs.4. The photography classes should give you both reading and shooting assignments. Reading assignments usually involve learning the technical aspects of the camera. Shooting assignments will let you put your knew knowledge into play. The assignments should also let you work at your own pace and allow you some artistic freedom.5. The photography online course should have one set price for everything. There should be no hidden fees (like for critiques, or posting images online). Once you pay your money and start your classes you should not have to pay anymore money, except of course, if you’re using a standard camera instead of a digital one. Then there will be costs for film, developing, and prints. Online photography classes vary in price from about $100 with all the above topics included, to over $1,000. I highly suggest finding an online course in the $100-$200 range if you’re just starting out. That’s a good value for your money.